J. Conrad and Hazel J. Seegers Union

Opened in 1963, Seegers Union was and continues to be a central space on campus for student activities and social life. The Union is named for Dr. J. Conrad Seegers ’13 and his wife, Hazel; Seegers was the first alumni president of Muhlenberg and oversaw the beginning of coeducation in 1957 and the construction of the long-awaited Memorial Hall athletic facility.  Over time, Seegers Union has housed dining services and offered meeting rooms, lecture spaces, the bookstore, and academic support services.

Sydney Coplin

Seegers: The Union for the Students, by the Students

Seegers Union is considered to be the center of campus life at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. It includes the dining hall, lounges, and so much more. However, before Seegers achieved all its glory of today, years of planning, dating back to the late 50’s, challenged the entire Muhlenberg community to make Seegers all that it could be.

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The Beginning

Seegers officially opened on January 27, 1963. The dedication ceremony took place on February 8th 1963. It was not until a few years later, on November 16th 1987, that the Bookstore opened. The bookstore was [...]

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Strikes at Seegers

A piece of history right out of Seegers Union--a bowling alley! This image from January 1963 showcases just one of the many additions of Seegers that, unfortunately, no longer exists in the student center. [...]

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Who’s Researching Seegers Union?

Hello, my name is Sydney Coplin. I am a sophomore Media and Communication major, and I'm researaching the history of Seegers Union. I am thrilled to be documenting such a central part of campus, and [...]

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