The Dining Commons

The Dining Commons was built in 1915, and was expanded in 1943 to accommodate the influx of Navy V-12 students. Over time, it has housed academic departments including anthropology and art, and current residents are WMUH, Media-Communications and Film Studies, and housekeeping.

Benjamin Applegate

From Dining Commons to Walson Hall

Named after its benefactor, John Walson of Service Electric Cable Service renown, Walson Hall has a storied history and service to Muhlenberg College.  Built in 1912, the building was originally known as The Commons as a dining service. Over time, the building has served as a mess hall during WW II, studio space for the art department and, currently the college radio station and the Department of Media – Communication.

Researcher Posts

The Commons takes a new role in the 40s

Published in the Alumni Magazine of spring 1943, Muhlenberg's campus is seen gearing up for the arrival of nearly 500 Navy soldiers to be stationed in the summer. The center of these accommodations was The [...]

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Student Media Sanctuary

Walson Hall now houses student media on campus, including the TV station (MBC) and radio station (WMUH).

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Meet the Researcher

Hello, my name is Benjamin Applegate, and I am currently a Sophomore in the Documentary Research course. Over the course of this semester, I will be researching and reporting on the history of the building [...]

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