It is said, according to urban legend, that officials of the College wanted the Gabriel House to be constructed on the opposite side of Chew Street, where the Trexler Library currently stands. However, the President left for vacation while the house was being built. When he returned, the house was in near completion, so it remained there.

Another urban legend tells the tale of an African American man who haunts the building. He is believed to have once been a Muhlenberg maintenance man.

In 1964, after the purchase of the current president’s house on Leh street, the Gabriel House was named the admissions building. When admissions moved to Haas College Center in 1989, the Wescoe School of Continuing Education (formally recognized as the Evening School) moved in and began to teach adult education classes. The education department was also included, but eventually relocated to Moyer Hall in 2000.–college-campus-red-doors.jpg

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