The Beginning

Seegers officially opened on January 27, 1963. The dedication ceremony took place on February 8th 1963. It was not until a few years later, on November 16th 1987, that the Bookstore opened. The bookstore was able to be added to the basement of the Union due to renovations that took place, such as the removal [...]

The Commons takes a new role in the 40s

Published in the Alumni Magazine of spring 1943, Muhlenberg's campus is seen gearing up for the arrival of nearly 500 Navy soldiers to be stationed in the summer. The center of these accommodations was The Commons, as the residential halls only needed bunk beds to accommodate the additional personnel. Two wings were added to The [...]

The Proposal of the New Science Building

The original science building, now known as the Peter S. Trumbower Science Building, was first proposed in the year 1923 in order to accommodate for Muhlenberg's growing population of science students. In hopes of creating an up-and-coming science building, the proposed building was to be made with equipped modern technology and laboratories in which students [...]

Allentown Prep School

West Hall originated as Allentown Prep School in 1915. It housed male students who, after graduating from the prep school, moved on to attend Muhlenberg. Allentown Prep students also used Muhlenberg facilities during their time at school. They were even allowed to attend the sports games for free!  

When It All Started!

May 21st, 1926- Pictured is from the cornerstone laying ceremony of Haas library where crowds of people gathered to watch the first piece of their new building be placed. Placed inside that cornerstone were copies of Allentown newspapers from that day and lists of contributors to the building, including architects, engineers, contractors and paraphernalia such [...]

Bernheim House in 1961-1962

Picture retrieved from the Muhlenberg Weekly 1961-1962 issue page 67/168.

Strikes at Seegers

A piece of history right out of Seegers Union--a bowling alley! This image from January 1963 showcases just one of the many additions of Seegers that, unfortunately, no longer exists in the student center.

Photo of the back of East

Muhlenberg College; unknown photographer, “Exterior view of East Hall (Berks), undated. ,” Muhlenberg College Historical Photograph Collections, accessed October 4, 2017,

History of the Gabriel House

It is said, according to urban legend, that officials of the College wanted the Gabriel House to be constructed on the opposite side of Chew Street, where the Trexler Library currently stands. However, the President left for vacation while the house was being built. When he returned, the house was in near completion, so it [...]

Ettinger Fall to Winter

Here is a comparison of Ettinger in the fall of 1987 to the winter of 1960! View of Ettinger from across the front lawn, ca. 1987. Muhlenberg College; photographer unknown, “View of Ettinger from across the front lawn, 1987.,” Muhlenberg College Historical Photograph Collections, accessed October 4, 2017,     Picturesque Ettinger entrance [...]