Hi, my name is Laura Diorio and I am sophomore with a Media Communication and Theatre double major. I will be studying Ettinger, formerly known as the Administration building! I am interested in this building because it is one of the oldest and boldest on campus. I am intrigued by the fire of 1947 that [...]

Introducing the Researcher

Hi, my name is Brandt Sunter, I’m a sophomore and a Media & Communications and Theatre major.  Here I’ll be studying the history of East Hall, which, as of right now, I know very little, aside from it being one of the oldest buildings, and that it used to have working fireplaces. I’m looking forward [...]

Meet the Researcher

Hello, my name is Benjamin Applegate, and I am currently a Sophomore in the Documentary Research course. Over the course of this semester, I will be researching and reporting on the history of the building on campus known as Walson Hall (previously known as The Commons). This building has undergone many changes in its lifetime [...]

Check Out the Chapel

Hi my name is Ben Goldberg. I am a sophomore in the class Documentary Research and I will be studying the history of the Chapel. I do not know much about the Chapel's history, but I am looking forward to getting started on covering this historic building.

Introducing the Researcher

Hello! My name is Korena Tavano and I am a Sophomore Media and Communications major here at Muhlenberg College. I am currently doing research for my Documentary class on one of the most (in my opinion) beautiful buildings on campus, Haas College Center. I am interested in finding out why and when it was built, [...]


Hello! My name is Jouman Barakat and I’m an international student from Jordan. I’m a sophomore in Documentary Research with Dr. Kate Ranieri for the fall semester of 2017. I’m studying the history of the Bernheim House, which no longer exists, but is claimed to have been haunted. A lot of my friends from back [...]

Who’s Researching Seegers Union?

Hello, my name is Sydney Coplin. I am a sophomore Media and Communication major, and I'm researaching the history of Seegers Union. I am thrilled to be documenting such a central part of campus, and it should be exciting to see how it has changed over time. I am especially interested in seeing which departments [...]

Introducing Trumbower

My name is Olivia and I am a sophomore, currently taking documentary research. Throughout the semester, I will be studying the Peter S. Trumbower Science Building. While I am not yet too familiar with the building, I am eager to research and learn more about the history of Trumbower with a blank slate.  The [...]

Introducing Gabriel

Hey everyone, my name is Jesse Honigberg. I’m a sophomore at Muhlenberg College, majoring in Media and Communications. Today, I will be talking about the John Peter Gabriel House, formally known today as the Wescoe School of Continuing Education. The Gabriel House is located in the heart of the front lawn, surrounded by small trees, [...]

Introducing West Hall

My name is Sabrina Roth and I am studying West Hall, or more commonly known as Brown Hall. I’ve heard many rumors about ghosts who haunt the three floors of the dorm, and I am curious to look into that further. I am also interested to find out when it became an all women's dorm, [...]